Staff Professional Learning

NIRODAH specialises in offering contemporary and engaging professional learning programs for school staff that focus upon the wellbeing of the whole school community. Our expertise is mental health, violence prevention, respectful relationships and emotional intelligence education.

Violence Prevention Programs
NIRODAH offers programs with a focus on positive approaches to dealing with difficult student behaviours; utilising peer education and bystander training to minimise bullying in schools; educating students in respectful relationships including intimate partner relationships; and integrating emotional intelligence education into daily teaching practice.
Understanding Mental Health
NIRODAH has a team of psychologists and counsellors who work in over 25 Victorian  primary schools. Our team inform us that anxiety and responses to trauma are the most common issues for students they support. NIRODAH staff and our psychologists deliver Professional Learning sessions for school staff, educating them how to best support young people in their care who are experiencing these common mental health issues.

Parent Education

NIRODAH also support schools by offering information sessions to parents that educate them how to best support their children who present with various mental health issues.
Teacher Support
We hope that the following resources can assist teachers in the development of engaging cyber lesson plans as well as in their efforts to inform other colleagues and school leadership personnel about key issues affecting members of our school communities.