Respectful Relationship Education Specialists

Established in 2009, NIRODAH is recognised as one of Australia’s most experienced and innovative companies in the violence prevention field, delivering evidence based and highly engaging respectful relationship education to students, teachers and coaches.

Best known for our Respect Ambassador Program and Be The Hero! Program, NIRODAH continues to develop world best practice teaching and learning strategies and resources to assist schools and sporting organisations to develop positive and engaging respectful relationship education initiatives that are specific to their audience.
NIRODAH also provides high quality school counselling services, placing our psychologists in schools and supporting them to work alongside school welfare teams to provide the best possible support for young people in primary and secondary schools.

Our mission is to empower young people with the knowledge and confidence to work through issues in their own lives as well as the skills and language that lead to the development of positive and respectful relationships. We know that this is the key to lowering the prevalence of violence in our community.