KidzBiz is a program specially developed by NIRODAH to target school bullying in primary schools by creating awareness in the senior student cohort about the drivers of negative behaviours and the effects these behaviours have upon others. Once students learn the types of violence people use to hurt each other, they are taught how to become safe bystanders who can actively support any student who is being bullied and inform staff of this action.

The unique aspect of our approach to bullying is that we encourage schools to look at the underlying issues affecting the bully. By working through the motivations of the person causing pain, schools can help the young person to discover methods to cease their bullying practice. The schools also become more attuned to noticing emotions in their students that can be precursors to their bullying behaviour.

Our programs educate staff, students and parents about the factors that motivate violent behaviours. We then discuss methods of addressing such behaviours that are not punitive, but rather utilise a counselling based approach to help the bully through their issues and also support the victim.

We believe that when the whole community is educated about the motivations of the violent person and are shown appropriate non punitive responses then they will experience a decline in the rate of bullying within their school.