Programs in Action

Latest NIRODAH news
  • Year 9 students from six Geelong high schools competed in the third annual White Ribbon Cup on Friday 9 October. Nearly 100 students participated in the interschool netball competition to raise awareness of White Ribbon Day.
  • Be the Hero! program continues to grow with 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys from Reservoir High School meeting their mentors from the Melbourne Storm Rugby Club.
  • Victorian Rugby League has received funding to take part in the Be the Hero! program for ALL 11 VRL Clubs.
  • Expect Respect program has been delivered to the Australian Netball Under 21 Championship participants. In April the Under 17 and Under 21 squads will also complete this training.
  • Online player development program to be delivered to all Netball Australia elite players by June.
  • Club Respect, in partnership with the Victorian Women's Trust, is a new NIRODAH initiative.
Programs in Action
  • NIRODAH currently provides psychologist services to more than 20 schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • We work in conjunction with the Victorian Women's Trust to develop and deliver the Be the Hero! program to schools across Australia.
  • We are delivering training programs to staff, students and parents that focus primarily upon whole school approaches to bullying and cyber bullying as well as common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • We run training sessions for families involved in sporting clubs through the Club Respect program.
  • Breaking The Silence program is delivered throughout Australia in partnership with White Ribbon.
  • NIRODAH has created the Expect Respect program in conjunction with Netball Australia.
  • Respect Ambassador Program created by NIRODAH in response to Victorian Government Bully Stoppers Campaign.